Satis: via Online/Telephone

Satis: via Online/Telephone

Resilience is the positive capacity/attitude to cope with stress and adverse life events. This attitude may result in a manner of coping in the individual “bouncing back” to a previous state of normal functioning, or using the experience of exposure to adversity to produce a “stoic effect” and function better than expected (much like an inoculation gives one the capacity to cope well with future exposure to disease)

Resilience is most commonly understood as a process, and not a trait of an individual. More recently, there has also been evidence that resilience can indicatea capacity to resist a sharp decline in functioning even though a person temporarily appears to get worse A child, for example, may do poorly during critical life transitions (like entering School) but experience problems that are less severe than would be expected given the many risks the child faces. So in 121 therapy you will learn skills to bounce back


All are qualified CBT Therapists holding UK qualifications

Disorders treatable, anxiety in all its forms, depression in all its forms, trauma in all its forms, anger, shame, guilt, disgust, family reconciliation work, couple reconciliation work, sex therapy, work related problems, and working with corporations to develop bespoke care packages

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