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Mindfulness has been found to reduce distress and help us for longer scientists say. With Brian scans they can now see the brain and measure effectiveness

Scientific studies have found increased concrete proof of the inseparability of body and mind, and have even given us a glimpse of the biological basis of the illusion of self. In the last several decades, the scientific study of meditation has provided increasingly concrete proof of the inseparability of body and mind. It has also demonstrated ways we can literally change ourselves and our world through practice; shown us the observable changes in the systems and subsystems that govern our attention as we progress from the focus of Mindfulness to the panorama of awareness; and even given us a glimpse of the biological basis of the illusion of the self

Changes In Regions Of The Brain

One of the most interesting areas of research on the effects of contemplative practices has explored the possibility that the actual structure of the brain is changed by meditation practice. Several neuroscientists have shown that some of the brain regions activated during meditation are actually different in people who meditate regularly, and the most recent evidence suggests that the changes can occur in as little as eight weeks. This finding is at odds with what we think we know about brain structure in adults

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We used to believe that sometime shortly after twenty-five or thirty years of age the brain was finished with growth and development. From then on, the brain became progressively impaired by age and injury, and it was all downhill from there. But recent meditation research suggests that this glum outcome may not be inevitable. Meditation practice is associated with changes of specific brain areas that are essential for attention, learning, and the regulation of emotion. Maybe this shouldn’t be such a surprise. When you exercise your muscles in the gym, they become larger as well as stronger. Their structure changes. In fact, almost any structure of the body changes with exercise

Providing Mindfulness Online into the comfort of your home or at work cutting out the travel time through the city. Using video or telephone call to have exclusive access to your therapist at any time of the day. Problems treated are many, including, depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, sexual dysfunction, stress, insomnia, and anger problems. Any question please feel free to contact us


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