CBT for Sexual Dysfunction Liverpool

CBT for Sexual Dysfunction Liverpool

Clinics offering CBT for Sexual Dysfunction in Liverpooland throughout the UK

A reduction in Sexual Activity is a common condition in both men and women, which can be treated successfully with specialist Cognitive Behaviour Therapy by CBT Therapists associated with personal Consultancy Therapy, Clinics or a via a CBT relationship/marital counseling services. Sexual Dysfunction may often be a symptom of psychological or physical pain or a lack in personal self confidence, sometime difficulties in sex and love making can be because of issues from the past or a family problem. What ever your private situation CBT offers psychological treatments through the approach of Anxiety Reduction, your attitudes/perceptions of situations, graded retraining, relationships and career issues

Sexual Dysfunction

‘It is the persistent impairment of the normal patterns of sexual interest’ (Keith Hawton 1983)

This can be a distressing problem which can be as a result of suffering from Depression or Anxiety. This can also be associated with Stress and is often not spoken about and so remains a largely untreated problem. Despite the research indicating the high levels of recovery using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy it still remains a taboo subject

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinics for Sexual Dysfunction in Liverpool

Our head office is based in London, while we also hold regular Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinics for Sexual Dysfunction in Liverpool

88 Rodney Street
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CBT Therapists are also available on the network in Belfastand Dublin. For more information, book an appointment or enroll in a CBT Clinic you will need to contact us or register online



All are qualified CBT Therapists holding UK qualifications

Disorders treatable, anxiety in all its forms, depression in all its forms, trauma in all its forms, anger, shame, guilt, disgust, family reconciliation work, couple reconciliation work, sex therapy, work related problems, and working with corporations to develop bespoke care packages

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