CBT for Anxiety Liverpool

CBT for Anxiety Liverpool

Clinics offering CBT for Anxiety in Liverpool and throughout the UK

Health care professionals divide Anxiety into three main types: general Anxiety, phobias and panic disorder. If there's a particularly difficult situation at work or at home, the stress that this creates can spill over into other areas of life - and create Anxiety. Similarly, a person who's experienced a very frightening and traumatic situation may also carry the fear over to their everyday life. This is known as post-traumatic stress disorder

In general, Anxiety's emotional turmoil appears to have a life of its own. Some psychiatrists sometimes call this 'free-floating Anxiety. Unlike phobia and panic, with general Anxiety it's not always clear to the anxious person exactly what it is they feel so anxious about. They're just aware of feeling anxious all the time. When there's no identifiable cause, the person often becomes anxious about feeling anxious all the time, and the problem starts to feed off itself

People with generalised Anxiety may find that they:
• Easily lose their patience
• Have difficulty concentrating
• Think constantly about the worst outcome
• Have difficulty sleeping
• Become depressed and/or
• Become preoccupied with, or obsessional about, one subject

These mental symptoms lead to, and are supported by, physical symptoms. These can include:
• Excessive thirst
• Stomach upsets
• Passing wind
• Loose bowel movements
• Frequent urinating
• Failure to respond to sexual stimulation
• Periods of intense pounding heart
• Periods of feeling winded
• Muscle aches
• Headaches
• Pins and needles
• Tremors
• Painful or no periods

The relationship of physical and mental symptoms can create a vicious cycle that can be triggered by a symptom at any point. With Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia, the cycle develops quickly to a crisis. With Generalised Anxiety Disorder, people often manage to keep things under control and the cycle continues. The effort of keeping things under control is itself very stressful - and so fuels the problem. This is how some people come to feel anxious about their anxiety, making the problem even more intense

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinics for Anxiety Disorder in Liverpool

Our head office is based in London, while we also hold regular Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinics for Anxiety Disorder in Liverpool

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CBT Therapists are also available on the network in Belfastand Dublin. For more information, book an appointment or enroll in a CBT Clinic you will need to contact us or register online


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