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CBT Therapy Clinics and Online CBT Services

Get A CBT Therapist

Satis is the smartest way to Get A CBT Therapist. One solution direct at your finger tips and a Therapist comes directly to you or delivers CBT Online. Your Therapist knows exactly how to help you. And payment is completely cash less

Ready anywhere, anytime

Daily. Working across town. Before an early morning flight. After late night socializing or up late with children. Wherever you're headed, count on Satis for the right help you need

Low-cost to luxury

You can always request everyday Therapist at everyday prices. But sometimes you need a bit more space. Or you want to go big on style. With Satis, the choice is yours

Behind the Therapist. They're people like you, going your way

What makes the Satis experience truly great are the people behind the wheel driving with you. They are mothers and fathers, people who have experienced life also. Our partners lead their own clinics on their own schedule in cities big and small

They're people like you, trained in different approaches to meet your need!

What makes the Satis experience truly great are the people behind the wheel driving with you. They are trained in CBT, Mindfulness, Compassion Focused Therapy, ACT as well as IPT. Making the journey personal with someone who cares about your destination!

Putting people first

Whether online or face to face with a therapist, every part of the Satis experience has been designed around you!

Helping Cities for the good of all

A city with Satis has more economic opportunities for residents, no waiting lists, and better access to help for those without it

All are qualified CBT Therapists holding UK qualifications

Disorders treatable, anxiety in all its forms, depression in all its forms, trauma in all its forms, anger, shame, guilt, disgust, family reconciliation work, couple reconciliation work, sex therapy, work related problems, and working with corporations to develop bespoke care packages

Install Our CBT APP

This app is capable of push notifications, customers can benefit from our in-app loyalty deals exclusive to our smartphone users. Stay up to date with our integrated facebook feed on the app

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