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The Gallery Director oversees the 고소득알바 development and implementation of interactive and collaborative programming of arts and crafts exhibitions across LASC’s four exhibition spaces (Kinkead, Glo, Atrium and Childrens Galleries) and more, as noted in the link to the job description. The Gallery Director of the Living Arts and Science Center (LASC) is an important part of the organization’s overall mission.

The Living Arts and Science Center (LASC) is accepting applications for part-time teachers. These are contract positions with hours based on the number of lessons and programs offered by LASC each season. Full-time and part-time positions, training opportunities, internships and volunteer positions are available at various times throughout the year.

Interns will assist in the day-to-day running of the art museum and collaborate on interdepartmental projects. Areas of concentration include volunteer and faculty scheduling, assisting the visitor manager with community programs and events, and historical interpretation. The balance between on-site and off-site work varies depending on the responsibilities, the discretion of the manager and the needs of this dynamic institution.

As a collaborative and dynamic position interacting with many people and projects, Assistant Curators will spend a lot of time at the museum. When an on-site presence is not required, the Assistant Curator role will operate in hybrid mode. The role of Assistant Curator will also help coordinate exhibitions and public programs, maintain direct contact with artists, and conduct collection-related research.

The Carrier Museum of Art is seeking a Preparation Assistant to assist the Chief Preparer and Exhibition Designer with all art management duties, including exhibit installation and maintenance, exhibit preparation, gallery preparation, and exhibit furniture fabrication. Assists the Chief Exhibitor Preparer and Designer in maintaining a safe, clean and organized space for preparing and storing exhibits, furniture and lighting.

Maintain an organized work area in galleries and workshops to ensure the safety and security of items prepared for display. Maintain work space, gallery space, and artwork in an exhibition or collection in accordance with the standards set by registrars, exhibition production managers, and senior preparatory work.

Assist with exhibition rotation management and installation/removal of individual works of art by coordinating schedules and communicating details with the exhibition team. Assists with the installation of works of art, implementing current museum standards.

At least two years of experience in museums, galleries or studios of professional artists. An art degree and relevant experience in a museum or gallery, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Support donor engagement, ensure a high-quality experience when visiting MoMAA PS1, and support all requests from PS1 departments, MoMA, and partner cultural institutions, and provide on-site donor experience management. At special events, sponsoring groups, or individual donations, preferably at a museum or nonprofit arts organization. Development officials will also work closely with similar departments at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). This position will work closely with the Director of Personal Giving and will be responsible for coordinating the planning and execution of all on-site and off-site giving events, including exhibition openings, private giving tours and growing events, and MoMAA’s large annual PS1 Philanthropy Program. Festival.

The Design Assistant assists the Design Lead in taking responsibility for setting up the exhibition, which includes the planning, transfer, and presentation of artwork in both the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, long-term and short-term loans. term. The Preparer is an entry-level position and works on site under the supervision of the Exhibition Production Manager, Exhibition Production Manager and/or Designated Senior Preparatory Officer to receive, assemble, package and distribute all exhibits, including credits and works in the permanent collection. Since the scope of the museum’s exhibition program includes both traditional and more experimental forms of art, the Preparer will perform many tasks and functions related to all aspects of the construction, manufacture, installation and maintenance of exhibits.

These programs vary in scope and include lectures, lectures, gallery programs, symposiums, tours of artists’ studios, musical performances, and special events that introduce visitors to the museum’s collections and exhibition programs. Founded in 1972, Artists Space offers a platform for discussion, display and experimentation in the art world. This vibrant, expanded institution offers nearly 60,000 square feet of exhibition space to showcase its collection of over 1,300 works by 200 contemporary artists.

Founded in 1929, the Museum of Modern Art is the world’s foremost institution dedicated to contemporary art. The university’s art galleries (Kellogg University Art Gallery and Huntley Gallery) and the university’s permanent collections are overseen by the School of Environmental Design and managed with the help of Caltech Pomona student assistants. Vinyl Wall, titled Jim Zwer, Patricia Liverman, Karin Skiba, Francisco Alvarado (Summer 2014), designed by Gallery Assistant and Graphic Designer (now Visual Communication Design) Taylor Stewart (2013-2014). Work with the curatorial department to implement exhibition projects, including various works, educational materials, and learning the layout and strategy of gallery components.

Perform scheduled maintenance on exhibits, galleries, and permanent collections, including conducting daily inspections of the galleries (inspecting work safety, touching up paint, cleaning railings, platforms, frames as needed) and maintaining gallery exhibition lighting. Assistance in coordinating volunteers; Recruiting and assigning volunteers as needed to support activities and departments of the Museum and Renfrew Park. Collaborate with volunteers to help guide visitors. Conduct activities to raise awareness, recruit, satisfy and retain volunteers. Collaborate with other employees to coordinate messaging and communications. Positions are specifically designed to work with the various components of an art gallery and collections practice, with the student’s specialization considered in assigned assignments to help meet the needs of the gallery and collections, as well as benefit the student in on-campus employment and re-employment. career building skills.